EVS Overview

In this video Josh Bartlett demonstrates and uses easy video suite, and shows you how to use EVS from scratch.

okay guys so welcome to my desktop i’m now going to show you for the first time the power of the easy video suite action is a huge he powerful so with many different features and we don’t have time to go through everything in this video but what i’m going to do is show you’ve just how easy it is to do some of the things that.

historically has taken such a long time and required a technical ability or somebody techy to do it for you am going to show you how easy video suite change all of that right now so we have two elements we have the desktop application and we have the web app which is your central command centre for everything to do with video and video marketing so we are going to move this out the way right now and show you the desktop app what i’m going to do in this brief walk-through of just some of the power of easy video suite.

Am going to record my video get it converted into perfect web and mobile ready use get published online on the internet on a page that always created and designed with comments social sharing all the cool features on it all in literally just a few minutes and i do that right while you watch so first of all all i need to do is recorded video so you can see i have the desktop application opened I can drag any video i want in to it, you once record a video i could grab a video that could be from any format they could be come from a camcorder can come from my iphone you can come to screen for contains yet or a movie any of the other software products and that or any hardly define stylish he’s tried it in and press one button.

Last night converting my video to web and mobile ready use without having to do anything else there’s no complicate settings there’s no manuals to read you don’t have to struggle anymore to get perfect web and mobile ready videos in seconds who has stopped that quickly and instead we are going to record a video so I am now going to click from the top of the screen here and click from screen rather than from camera and will select the area of the screen with record and I will hit record let’s see it count down and i’m now recording video you can see that i have a few options down here button click on the drawing button and I draw which allows me to draw and highlight things on the screen it’s great if you wanna show its clients or offline clients.
Colleagues all freelancers who are working for you or just to create a sales video and bring people’s attention to a certain part all of the screen you can see that easily here we also have a very cool canvas feature which allows you to have a white screen whenever you want it to use as a drawing board like a whiteboard a virtual whiteboard on off when ever you want it so if i wanted to describe or i wanted my sales page to look like I can do that just here and send this to my designer and speak and talk him through it step-by-step literally just draw it like this and that’s all I need to do so it’s clear that and get rid of the canvas right now but you have awesome drawing tools built right here am going to click stop on this video you can see it’s over minute long we will click stop.

Immediately you can see that its added to the queue i can edit it if i want to find I made a mistake at the beginning or the end I can just select the part because i want to cut out at the beginning or the end or anywhere in between the video here and just hit the combine and then hit finish as simple as that or i can preview any part of the video by pressing play what we’re going to do is renamed this video by clicking on it and clicking renamed will call it Josh Barlett’s is video and i’m going to hit upload what you’re seeing now is this video being converted into perfect mobile and web ready format and its happening behind the scenes.

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